1. Lessens terrible LDL cholesterol without influencing great HDL cholesterol levels.

2. Guava leaf tea treats bronchitis and hacks

3. Soothe the tingling caused by hypersensitivities simply pulverize the leaves and apply them on the influenced territory. The same goes for creepy crawly nibbles.

4. Stop the male pattern baldness you simply need to heat up the leaves and after that abandon them to chill. Utilize the icy blend to knead your scalp.

5. Get more fit by preventing starches from transforming into sugar and smothers your hunger with guava leaf tea, also guava Leaves Tea for sleep is amazing for your metabolism

6. Guava leaf tea is additionally extraordinary for disturbed stomach and gives an incredible help in instances of nourishment harming.

7. Treat the runs and looseness of the bowels with a similar tea since it gives solid antimicrobial properties.

8. Guava leaf tea is thought to be powerful in treating extended prostate and tumor.

9. Likewise its utilization is suggested for men who manage ripeness issues.

10. Dispose of the exhausting skin break out and pimples all over just by utilizing guava takes off. They viable in mending this spots on account of its large amounts of vitamin C that they contain.

11. By utilizing pulverized guava abandons you can likewise counteract contamination, you simply require apply them on some minor cuts like scratches or scraped area. Or, on the other hand utilize icy guava tea to soothe external ear disease just puts a few drops in it.

12. Bubble 9 guava leaves in some water until the point that the sum you have in your pot lessens considerably. This is awesome in the treatment of dengue.

13. The guava leaf tea diminishes glucose levels and furthermore does not empower insulin emission.

14. You can likewise utilize these leaves to mitigate a toothache, excited gums and bruises in the oral pit you simply need to bite a few them.

15. Anticipate untimely skin maturing with a blend of two or three pulverized guava leaves and a tad of water.

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