"Various web journals and sites, for example, boldsky.com prescribe guava tea to help bring down cholesterol. Guava leaf tea is made by bubbling guava leaves in some water, stressing the water and afterward adding that stressed water to customary tea. The blogosphere additionally records numerous other medical advantages of guava leaf tea however gives no references to help the larger part of these cases.

Just two clinical trials of guava leaf tea have been led in people and neither took a gander at cholesterol bringing down impacts. Guava Leaves Tea has proved to do wonders, The primary examination was done in Mexico and included the organization of guava leaf separate three times each day for three days in patients with intense symptomatic looseness of the bowels. The guava leaf tea diminished the term of stomach torment in these patients with looseness of the bowels.

The second investigation was directed in 62 newborn children with rotavirus disease in China. Babies who got guava leaf separate had quicker leeway of rotavirus from their excrement and an abbreviated span of looseness of the bowels.

A solitary report in rats demonstrated that guava leaf concentrate might be advantageous in the treatment of greasy liver infection
I remember seeing the sleep doctor on TV talking about guava leaf. And also guava leaf tea for sleep I have been told that is recommended by the sleep doctor as an excellent way to fall asleep

As a relative level of proof, this is even especially low contrasted with different nourishments, herbs and flavors that have been contemplated for their impact on cholesterol (see Bergamot).

Prior this year, analysts from Granada, Spain distributed a broad diagram of the wellbeing impacts of guava leaf tea in the International Journal of Molecular Science. The thorough audit has 147 references posting every single distributed examination identifying with guava leaf tea in the most recent decade yet none identify with cholesterol or lipid bringing down impacts.

In synopsis, there is no science to help the claim that guava leaf tea helps bring down cholesterol.

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