Guava Leaves TeaNot exclusively does drinking guava leaf tea taste extraordinary, the leaves are loaded with cell reinforcements, calming specialists, antibacterial and contain useful flavonoids and tannins. Drinking a tea made by guava leaves might be advantageous for individuals with diabetes, weight reduction, bringing down cholesterol, stomach related and cardiovascular wellbeing, and treating looseness of the bowels.


Flavonoids and different mixes found in guava leaves may offer to help manage glucose levels subsequent to eating, particularly a high-sugar supper. The audit in “Nourishment and Metabolism” abridges research center discoveries from a few examinations demonstrating that guava leaf tea represses a few distinct compounds that change over sugar in the stomach related tract into glucose, conceivably abating its take-up into your blood.

A few clinical trials directed in Japan that help guava tea’s conceivable hostile to diabetic activity, demonstrating that drinking the tea routinely helped bring down in the wake of eating blood glucose in subjects with Type 2 diabetes, contrasted with comparative subjects who didn’t devour the tea.

The dietary fiber in guava leaves manages the retention of sugar by the body, which diminishes the odds of real spikes and drops in insulin and glucose in the body. Drinking guava tea may decrease high glucose levels and may keep the begin of Type 2 diabetes, as found in an examination led by Microbial Research.

Weight reduction

Drinking guava tea may help with weight reduction by anticipating complex starches that are devoured from being changed over into sugars. The change of starches to usable mixes while being separated in the liver is counteracted, hence helping with weight reduction.


Drinking guava tea might be advantageous in managing cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Members in an examination who drank guava tea had bring down cholesterol, low-thickness lipoprotein levels and triglycerides following two months, regardless of whether they were getting medicinal treatment to bring down their cholesterol levels, as per an article distributed in February 2010 in ‘Sustenance and Metabolism’. Different trials running from a month to 12 weeks have additionally indicated comparable outcomes.

Stomach related and Cardiovascular System

guava leaf teaGuava leaf tea might be gainful for the heart and circulatory framework, as per lab examine and a few clinical examinations. Mixes in the leaves may help lessen pulse and heart rate, as indicated by a research center examination distributed in 2005 in “Strategies and Findings in Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology”.

Drinking guava tea might be useful in our general wellbeing, its value attempt in it and make in it a propensity, Guava Leaf tea for sleep has being now one of the greatest benefits that will make an impact in most people that will acquire this habit.

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