Guava is significantly more than a delicious leafy foods astonishing juice. Guava water is one of Mother Nature’s various endowments to us for fighting ailment and ailments. Guava leaf contains abnormal state vitamins An and C, Iron, and Quercentine, and other antibacterial and mitigating operators which obviously are useful for your wellbeing. Guava leaves likewise contains chemicals, for example, Polyphenols, Carotenoids, Flavonoids and Tannins which counteracts and battle sicknesses. With awing low odds of symptoms contrasted with that of handled medications, Guava leaf tea is an affirmed a protected solution for treat different ailments.Guava leaves tea has been demonstrated as a home grown treatment for such a large number of things. The following are our main 10 employments of guava leaf tea.

Weight reduction

Guava leaf tea keeps complex starch from changing over into sugars which thusly helps quick weight reduction.

Solid hair.

Guava water has been utilized for soo numerous years to help hair development.


  • Bubble guava leaf water for around 10-15 minutes
  • Permit water chill
  • Apply on hair and permit to set in.
  • You can either flush it off or use set up of leave in conditioner.
  • For fighting skin inflammation, clogged pores and dim spots.
  • The street to finding a viable and enduring cure to zits and skin inflammation can be a tiring and once in a while disillusioning excursion. Guava water contains vitamin C and germ-killers which are extremely useful in slaughtering skin inflammation and restoring the skin. Guava water amazingly affects the skin. Because of essence of vitamin C and high astigent properties guava tea can be utilized on the skin as a toner, hostile to maturing treatment.
  • For treating consumes, scars and wounds
  • Guava tea contains mending properties which permits wounds recuperate quicker; it likewise contains antibacterial segments which shields the injuries from contaminations and aggravation.

Controls Diabetes

As indicated by top ten home cures; the rich fiber substance and low glycemic record of guava are greatly advantageous for diabetic individuals. While fiber manages sugar levels, the low glycemic file represses a sudden spike in sugar levels.

Did you know?

Guava has a high substance of vitamins C and A.

Sperm generation

For men who are hoping to battle barrenness the regular way, guava water has been demonstrated to help upgrade creation of sound sperm.

Reliefs hack and icy

Guava leaf water if taken hot aides mitigates nasal clog. It likewise enables alleviation to hack and icy due to the abnormal state of vitamin C it contains.

Forestalls tumor

Guava water contains lycopene, which has been demonstrated to lessen dangers of tumor particularly bosom, prostate, and oral disease.

Oral wellbeing

Guava leaf can be utilized as a cure for toothache, oral swelling and crisp breath because of the counter plaque properties it diabetes

Loose bowels

An investigation distributed in the “Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo” in 2008 found that guava-leaf extricates repressed the development of Staphylococcus aureus microorganisms, which is a typical reason for looseness of the bowels.

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